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Feb. 2024

I cannot really believe it myself but “The Quill Of Kylnavern – Volume 1 – Quill” will soon be available in English!

The translated version is done, now all that’s left is the cover and the revision. I can hardly wait to present the finished book to you.

Because I cannot contain my excitement and for you to get a taste of it, there is now a fresh reading sample available on my website. Take a look if you like! :)

Buchcover Feder von Kylnavern.jpg

July 2020

It´s on! My new book “The Quill of Kylnavern” will be published in German on July 24th, 2020!
For now, only on Amazon but I´ll make sure you´ll be able to get it from other providers, too.
I´m super thrilled to hear your feedback/reactions.

Buchcover Feder von Kylnavern.jpg

June 2020

I´m on the homestretch: My new book “The Quill of Kylnavern” is going to be published soon. As always, I´ve taken forever to finish it and really wish I had been faster.
“The Quill of Kylnavern” is a brand new story and is totally different from my other books. I can´t wait to hear your opinions!

About the story:
Nineteen-year-old Hannah dreams about writing her own books.  During a vacation with her friends she meets grim looking Targon and his brother Romun. As they all ride into a sandstorm she suddenly finds herself in the medieval world of Kylnavern, that feels just as if it was written straight out of a book. Hannah´s world turns upside down as she is getting closer to Targon and discovers unknown abilities that the king of Kylnavern wants to abuse for his own sake.

An adventure begins, in which she quickly learns that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

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